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heyhey hoyhoy peeps -,-"
how's ur days ? hikhik . wanna share something with me ? 
no ? really ? okayy , but i have it . yeahh ! bout my past . eh no ! not my past but please get lost from my past story in this life :D u're not available for my relationship on this time ! so , go die .
"i love you and you love me also" . that is whats we know in our relationship ~
ur name are not entered in our relationship ! get lost , boys ~

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH , okayy ? we want the forever relationship and not the long relationship , okayy ? can you understand our request in this relationship ? Yes ! u're not in my heart again -,- aku taa rindukan kau daa laaa ~ satu jeh aku mintak dari kau , please dont story my past to him if just to make he hurting then leave me again for this time . cukuplah nan bahan kau yg lepas to . he was known all story and he forgive me also . but , kau ajak dea lepak then bahan depan mmbemmbe n make he feel temperature , rite ? okayy , take it ! kau menang kali nie but on this time : YOU ARE NOT AVAILABLE in our relationship ~
we already TOGETHER BACK >.<" rite , baby ?

hoi budakk ! now , you can GET LOST from my life and also towards him -,-" our love very stronger on this time so its very impossible if we wants to break off juz because of your behave ! he was promised that he'll not leave me again even we're far away -,-" i love you bie ~ 

THANK GODS coz opened he's heart to be together back with me :D

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Hiii brahhh . Its me Beep . This is my new skin .

Super Hero
my superbb duperbb hero , i love you babyy


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