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assalammualaikum ,

helo peeps ! today im wanna share my story after im single . whats wrongs with me , huh ? whats im doing , my tears will never stop . im so tired with it ! i need my old life >.<" happy go lucky . my friends tell me to be strong girl but i couldn't . dear my friend , its hurt for me to forget him so easily . we're so easy to love someone even in one hours but if want to forget him , thats take all of my life time to forget him .

now , i was angry to myself n i couldnt forgive myself . after whats i do , i know i make a stupid decision . this decision not just haunting me but he also . i know he still in sadness but whats can i do ? i just wants to stop it now cause i dont want in future , he will be more sadness . die because tension , i guess . nevermind laaa ! whats i know now , i was do a best decision cause i think my future .

even my decision very hurt to us , but i could take this risk . ohh i dont care whats u want to says or think . like just now i says , i know whats i did . nobody never notice my tears always fall in my eyes . its very easy to make me crying . when i saw something thats he hve gve me , i will cry ! mybe he's very romantic boys . he always make me smiley . while im still wif him , im never cry in he side . but now he's not by my side so my tears always fall . this time for me to learn from my mistake . i was make he hoped n now i was leave he -.-"

i was think thats i'll never found others guys like you , the romantic one like you . im just let our memories haunting me n make me cry cause i'll smile for it with tears . at least , i can see you in my dreams . i hope thats u can stop ur tears cause dont cry for the one girl whos not deserves ur tears . please try ur best to be happy like usually .

thanks to all my friends cause always make me smile even in deeply im still sad . my tears was be my friends since im single . nobody can replaced he's place in my hearts . yeahh , i try to be strong girl even its hurt to me to forget he . he's the special one in my life . i love you until my last breath n i'll never forgetting you . yeahh , maybeee . thats is my ex-boyfie .

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Hiii brahhh . Its me Beep . This is my new skin .

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my superbb duperbb hero , i love you babyy


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