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back together :)
hey youu , Muhammad Razif Rahamad ! i love youu so damn damn damn much :D

You’re always on my mind
All days and all times
You’re everything to me
Bright the stars to let me see
You touch me in my dreams
We kiss in every scenes
I pray to be with you through rainy
And shine days . . .

I love you till  I die, deep as sea
Wide as sky
The beauty of our love paints
Rainbows everywhere we go . . .

I need you all my life
You’re my hope
You’re my pride
In your arm , I find my heaven
In your eyes , my sea is sky
My love is all love paradise

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Hiii brahhh . Its me Beep . This is my new skin .

Super Hero
my superbb duperbb hero , i love you babyy


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